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In addition, the new heine led loupelight provides optimal lighting conditions when used with any heine loupe set. Cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, ent, ophthalmology. I have a couple of the others that are cheapers but this is perfect for delicated surgery. With a reference colour temperature of 5,600 kelvin and. The dimension 3 features classic round oculars that deliver a large. Heine binocular loupes and headlights ordering information more less. Panoramic loupes laser telescopes safety scopes frame selection student guide thruthelens ttl telescopes. This led lamp can be folded away independent of the loupes and when it is used in combination with the binocular loupes, it awards high image quality for precise diagnoses. The oldest optical design in the orascoptic portfolio, this economically priced 2. Heine binocular loupes and illumination high magnification and.

This is a fantastic set of binocular loupes very quick and easy to set up and use. All of our ttl loupes come with a life time warranty because we are confident that our loupes are quality pieces. Heine binocular loupes and headlights perfect view for highest. Ml4 led headlight kits with sguard and power source. Heine sframe provides maximum comfort with a modern, ergonomic design. Buy heine binocular loupes sframe online at best price. A good surgery working tool, basically for orthopaedics surgery are a must.

This gives you a bigger viewing area and saves weight. I have to say that from ordering to receiving my loupes the service and communication was exceptional. Disinfect using either a quaternary ammonium disinfectant such as cavicide, or a phenol alcoholbased spray such as lysol brand. Optical quality heine loupes offer the brightest image of. Bethel park, pa 15102 usa 4128331662 4128356474 fax. Heine binocular loupes and headlights perfect view for.

The secret is that the weight is distributed evenly by the modern sframe. Optical quality heine loupes offer the brightest image of all comparable binocular loupes of this type. Designs for visions iconic yeoman frame is designed and engineered for dental procedures with unmatched durability and longevity. Eye loupes choose from our line of high quality loupes or the industry leader. Dental loupes and headlights solutions loupe direct schultz.

After being wearing them for at least three or four times a week since that moment i dont know how i was abble to make tendon surgery with out them. Heine high resolution hr loupe designed for the heineloupeset providing 3. Loupes, magnifying loupe, dental loupes seiler precision. The insert then quickly and easily clicks inside your sframe lenses. Dental loupes are important equipment for the dentistry working fields.

Heine tipadaptor for allspec disposable tips heine. Heine unispec disposable specula heine optotechnik. Heineloupeset headband mounted heine hr loupe with ml4 led headlight for audiologyrelated procedures requiring high resolution magnification of the ear canal and other important structures. Once the proper magnification is selected, for example, 2. The costeffective allpurpose loupe crisp, clear images. The advantage of heine loupes is that, due to an extremely high depth of focus of up to 290 mm, you can choose the working distance which is best and most. Heine unispec disposable ear specula fit for the following heine otoscope models. The spring ear brackets guarantee an optimal fit for every head. We carry a large selection of heine diagnostic medical products at competitive prices. Heine optotechnik is a leading global provider of medical devices for the hospital, emergency and specialist environments. Heine loupes headlight combination southpointe surgical. These heine loupes are not only set apart by their low weight of only 46 g, which makes them quite comfortable to wear, but also by their individually adjustable optics. Through the lens ttl dental surgical loupes schultz.

Selecting the proper working distance for surgical loupes. Heine is a well known german manufacturer of surgical and dental loupes. Fortunately, high quality loupe manufacturers, such as heine, offer loupes with varying w. The featherlight weight, lowprofile design and low cost of the c 2. Seiler loupes will enhance any practice that needs the addition of low power magnification. Ergonomic and optical factors heine binocular loupes 01 heine hr binocular loupes and sets heine hrp binocular loupes and sets heine. All heine loupes are built to the highest standards and are supplied with the 5 year heine guarantee. Qoptics loupes provide a magnified view for improved performance. Heine loupes are used in surgical, dental and veterinary practices and are widely regarded as being among the best loupes available on the market. To convert mini 2000 handles to rechargeable, please order.

Choose the correct magnification and working distance in order to ensure that you work in. Heine employs 500 people worldwide, with manufacturing and administration concentrated in germany. Compare to magnified images see buttons top right 23% smaller, 36% lighter allowing for increased peripheral vision and lightweight comfort. Your optometrist exchanges the clear lenses with your own personal corrective lens prescription. The seiler sport loupes provide high quality magnification at a reasonable price.

Multicoated, scratchresistant silica glass lenses produce crisp, clear images. The general consensus on loupes, info ive gathered from sdn, classmates, and experience. Heine omega 500 led binocular indirect ophthalmoscope. The spot size can be controlled via the aperture lever on the headlight. There are many others loupes like the magnyfier from optivisor or the one of bauch and lomb, they surelly help a lot if you need high quality vision field. Heine ml4 led headlight kit, en50 unplugged power source, sguard, hrp binocular loupe 3. Rapid and simple symmetric adjustment of binocular loupes with splash protection by protective lenses. Our products are used by medical professionals, mostly intended for primary examinations. Virtually all of its parameters can be customized making it the perfect fit for any head or face shape. Oct 04, 2017 this video shows you how to set up the loupes on your heine devices in order to get the perfect view.

I hardly recommend them for working a distance of 18 inches till 20 inches from the field of surgery. Dental loupes surgical loupes binocular dental loupes. We continue to develop and manufacture heine instruments at our facilities in germany, where we combine decadeslong experience and craftsmanship with the. Warning never attempt to sterilize loupes by any method. Heine surgical loupes are available with varying magnification strengths, working distances and wearing modes.

Ml4 led headlight with hr hrp binocular loupes with iview loupe mount and sguard on headband professional l, mpack and plugin transformer, cleaning fluid with hr binocular loupe 2. Heine loupes with carrying case headlamps and loupes. Heine binocular loupe corrective frame insert for prescription glasses hex09517310. As a global leader in the manufacture of primary diagnostic instruments with over 500 employees, heine optotechnik has been a 100 % family owned and managed company for more than 70 years. If you work with prescription lenses or you normally work with reading glasses then you should use qoptics loupes with your prescription installed. Schultz offers highquality ttl loupes for dentists, hygienists, and surgeons at a discounted price. Heine binocular loupes are used in many disciplines. Designed by a team of both practicing hygienists and industry recognized experts in ergonomics and infection control, the rdh elite loupe is centered on improving ergonomics and productivity. This aluminum frame distributes the weight of the dental telescopes evenly. It is ok to disinfect loupes using alcohol, lysol spray, caviwipes, opticide3 or other surface disinfectant.

While many loupes compromise resolution near the edges of their viewing field, the dimension 3 set the standard for edgetoedge resolution over a decade ago. Heine headlights how to set up your heine loupes youtube. Find top quality loupes and headlight today with our free try before you buy program. The loupes are very good, giving me a great field of view. This video shows you how to set up the loupes on your heine devices in order to get the perfect view. Heine handheld ophthalmic instruments medical workshop.

The increase in magnification over 2 x is greater than the figures suggest. Clipin correction frame for heine sframe prescription lenses. Provides any angle of view and flips up the optics independently of the illumination beam. Heine developed a threepart hinge system called the iview. The miltex portable dental led light source produces amazing brightness in a completely portable light. With a reference colour temperature of 5,600 kelvin and an extraordinary 50,000 lux of illumination, the 3s led. Loupes and headlights, medical and surgical requisites. Heine binocular loupes and illumination high magnification. In combination with the heine sframe or sguard spectacle frames and your choice of led light, the binocular loupes form part of an integrated system suitable for universal applications. Heines high tech optics offer a large variety of loupes to fulfill your individual needs.

Heine binocular loupes set a benchmark for design, hightech materials and precise manufacturing methods. The iview system allows a higher angle of declination and decreasing the amount of bend in your neck. They provide exceptional image quality and edgetoedge definition and a large field of view. Dental loupes ttl through the lens ttl loupes, or through the lens loupes has the telescopes imbedded into the frame lenses. Add clarity for you or your assitants through a new pair of seiler sport loupes. Xhl xenon halogen spare bulb to convert to spot retinoscope. Our lenses are impact resistant polycarbonate, and ansi certified. The heine sframe clipin correction frame accessory comes with clear glass lenses.

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