Kodak 35mm film types

In 1963 the kodak instamatic cameras were introduced. The kodak ultramax 400 speed 35mm 36 exposures film has been rated the best 35mm film on the market for a lot of great reasons. Dec 15, 2007 the high contrast film was probably kodalith ortho film type 3. Kodak gold 200 is a 5500k daylight balanced, iso 200, colour negative 35mm film thats available in rolls of 24 or 36 exposures. In the 1950s it launched its revolutionary thin layer sharp black and white kb 14 and 17 films, referred to by us distributors as the german wonder film. Magnasonic allinone high resolution 22mp film scanner, converts 35mm 126kpk110. Use the table below to identify the types of film from the labels and the colors of the stripes over the sprocket holes.

In the 1970s dupont the new owners of the adox brand sold the recipes and. However, with that being said i do believe that trix 400 is a good film that will get the job done, but it does not impress me. Sold by quality photo and ships from amazon fulfillment. Kodaks ektar 100 is wellknown amongst film photographers, especially. Kodak portra 400 filmtypes explore the world of analog film. Images made on eastman double x tend to have a gritty, stark overall tone. Attendees will receive a complimentary roll of film to get started. Kodak professional blackandwhite films deliver superior performance across the board. It has the dx code 915373 and is developed using the regular c41 process. First introduced in 1998, kodak portra is the film of choice for most portrait and. One of the most daunting things about starting to shoot film can be walking into your local camera store and seeing multiple varieties of colored boxes with names like kodak trix and ektar. These used roll film in cartridges from dropin film loading. May 03, 2018 we compare available 120 black and white and color film stocks from kodak, ilford, fujifilm, and cinestill.

The types of 35mm film outputs are color negative, color positive, and black and white. The very first hp 35mm film was made in 1935 and went through a series of updates through the years, ending with hp5 in 1989. Its true that shooting film at night can be tricky and the choice of fast film is rather limited. E6 slide film, ektachrome, fujichrome, infrared film. Its engineering standard for the film is controlled by iso 1007 the term 5 iso 1007 was introduced by kodak in 1934 as a designation for the cassette for 35 mm film, specifically for still photography. The second color negative film stock on our list is kodaks portra 400. A common blackandwhite film is kodaks trix, a 400speed film noted for its. I dont develop my own film but all the information you need for ultramax can be. Make, name, dates, base, iso, process, type, details, origin, formats.

Unsure whether the new perforated 5 format would be a success, kodak also created an unperforated paper backed version which they called 828. When a new film photographer asks the photography community which films are the. It has the dx code 512504 and is developed using the regular c41 process. Kodak linagragh shellburst film 2476, estarah base, sge418, 35mm x 500ft, 1996 2479 kodak rar film, estarah base, sp434, rapid access recording, versamat 885 chemistry, 1975. Black and white film types for film photography guide to. It was kodak s first folding 35mm camera and the camera. While there are also a number of special films that require unique processing, it would be best to work with the basic black and white film types and learn how the film works before using these special films. The types of 35mm film that can actually be purchased are consumer and professional. In july 1952, a special length of film for 20 pairs of pictures made with 35mm stereo cameras was introduced and designated as 335. It is a cartridge film with a film gauge of 35 mm 1. Many of the first generation of 127 film cameras were similar folders, and frequently inherited vest pocket or vp in their names for example the dolly vest pocket. Join us for an introduction to 35mm film photography and a photo walk inside the gates of kodak park. The smaller diameter spool and lack of need for a sprocket allowed for much smaller camera designs. This is a list of currently available photographic films in a still camera film format.

While there arent nearly as many types or sizes of film as there were in the past. Dec 04, 2018 the last film on our list of the top 10 black and white negative 35mm film stocks comes from kodak alaris kodaks trix 400. Many photo bugs make this style their camera of choice, which is easy to understand in light of all the ways that this film camera can enhance photography sessions. The speed of 35mm film is based on the graininess of the film and how long the shutter will stay open to take the picture. Kodak ultramax is a 5500k daylight balanced, iso 400, colour negative 35mm film thats available in rolls of 24 or 36 exposures. The very first hp 35mm film was made in 1935 and went through a series of. Portra 800 film delivers bestinclass underexposure latitude, with the ability to push to 1600 when you need extra speed. As time progresses and i come across different types of film, i will shoot them. It was created by kodak for their vest pocket model hence 127 was often called vest pocket film. Aug 28, 2018 the type of film we commonly refer to as 35mm film is really called 5 format and was developed by the eastman kodak company in 1934 for the first retina camera. I dont develop my own film at this point so all i can do here is send you in the direction of other peoples information.

Soon, 35mm film became the standard format for motion pictures. Kodak, along with many other companies, manufacture cameras that use film in an assortment of sizes, which include the 35mm variety. Hier vind je alle kleinbeeld 35mm negatief kleurenfilm van kodak. Earlier this year, i launched a film dating tool for helping photographers find their favorite 35mm film stock. Films such as kodak gold have different types of emulsions indicated by the generation gen code on the film. With an ultrafine grain, medium color saturation and contrast compared to other films in the 100f series this e6 film works well for landscape, nature and fashion photography. Theres no film rated higher than iso 400 this tells us people dont like the look of film in low light very much. This film type is highly regarded as one of the best film stocks for portrait photography and capturing fine skin detail.

Clearly, kodak still has the lead when it comes to monochrome films. The name of the gauge is not a direct measurement, and refers to the nominal width of the 35 mm format photographic film, which consists of strips 1. Sometimes compared to the kodak portra, portraits especially shine when shot. Kodak retina i is a 35mm film folding camera, manufactured by kodak ag stuttgart, germany, and produced between 193641 and 194550. A separate processing unit was used to develop it after exposure. Mar 27, 2007 i found out many years later that my dad, who worked for the apparatus division at kodak, shot with an experimental camera in the late 50s that used an experimental sproketed film 35mm wide, sprocketed only on one side and only one per frame. So lets talk about kodaks consumerlevel film types first. Oct 29, 2018 double x isnt officially a film offered by kodak for 35mm still cameras, but it still enjoys popularity among hardcore film shooters. The nonsubstantive kodachrome films, the last of which was discontinued in 2009, were processed with the k14 process polaroid produced an instant slide film called polachrome. The image size is 28 x 28 mm, but slight masking is required in printing and slide. There is a great list of most of the kodak part numbers on the web at.

Selecting the best 35mm film for your needs is a daunting task. Sp957 kodak aerial type ii recording film estar, so442 sp952, 9. Kodak trix 400 is a classic film with much versatility, although some might say its for film photography students, the trix has nice tonal response, perfect sized grain, and superb contrast. Oct 15, 2019 this film format is still in production as a niche format, though kodak stopped producing it in 1995. Nagelwerke in 1928, later he sold his firm to eastman kodak in december 1931, and its name changed as kodak ag dr. Clearly, kodak still has the lead on the monochrome films. Apr 20, 2019 in this video, we compare all c41 or color negative films available currently in the us and provide a blind test to help you choose the one that most appeals to you. The kodak colorplus 200 is another affordable, consumerfriendly negative 35mmfilm that produces quality photos with warm colours. The top 10 color negative 35mm film stocks filtergrade.

Perfect for indoor and low light settings, the kodak ultramax 400 speed 35mm film also produces much less. He contacted george eastman and kodak initially produced the film on a limited basis. Its kodaks oldest emulsion, an iso 250 blackandwhite dating back to 1959 which offers a very different take on blackandwhite. Compared amongst many professionals with kodak s ektar 100, both are very diverse and can be used in array of settings. A limited number of cameras may be available to borrow for the event. It was packaged in cassettes like normal 35mm film. If youre using film types that arent in this table, particularly some of the newer fuji films, try experimenting with the kodak gold and kodak advantix settings these seem to work well. Kodak professional portra 800 film delivers all the advantages of a highspeed film along with finer grain, higher sharpness, and more natural skin tones and color reproduction. I dont develop my own film at this point so all i can do here is send you in.

Kodak is a usa manufacturer of photographic films established in 1888 and one. In motion pictures that record on film, 35 mm is the most commonly used gauge. Ektachrome film is known for its extremely fine grain, clean colors, great tones and contrasts. Sold by family photo and ships from amazon fulfillment. From the always timeless trix, to the incomparable sharp tmax 400, theres a blackandwhite film in our family that lets you expose the truth in stunning detail. Magnasonic allinone high resolution 22mp film scanner, converts 35mm126kpk110. Kodak film number to film type cross reference table tom. Double x isnt officially a film offered by kodak for 35mm still cameras, but it still enjoys popularity among hardcore film shooters. All color reversal film sold today is developed with the e6 process. Sharp, finegrained and modern all purpose color neg film. Youll create vivid photos with accurate colours, and its ideal for taking portraits or playing around and building your photography skills.

Netflixs moody jazz drama the eddy kicksoff with first episodes shot on kodak 16mm film renowned french dp eric gautier afc shot the first two episodes of netflixs jazzbased drama, the eddy, directed by damien chazelle, entirely on kodak vision3 16mm film thereby kickstarting the eightpart story with a suitably meanandmoody look. Schleussner gmbh of frankfurt am main, the worlds first photographic materials manufacturer. Introduced in 1934, the standard 35mm filmstrip contains four, 24mm x 36mm frames. Product fujifilm 10 exposures instax mini stained glass instant film.

Adox was a german camera and film brand of fotowerke dr. This film type is highly regarded as one of the best film stocks for portrait. Kodak announced plans to relaunch ektachrome iso 100 35mm in 2017. Its kodak s oldest emulsion, an iso 250 blackandwhite dating back to 1959 which offers a very different take on blackandwhite. If you want that oldschool look, this film will meet all your. A quick guide to kodak film and when to shoot each one. In 1889, thomas edison was experimenting with motion pictures and needed long rolls of film, 35 millimeters wide, with holes perforated on the edges so the footage could be driven by sprocket wheels. Precision line lpd4, eastman fine grain release positive 5302.

This ultra fast film features an iso of 400, making it very sensitive to light even in very poorly lit settings. Film types and examples by tyson call steve huff photo. Another interesting point that tells us people dont like much the look of film in low light. The top 10 camera films preferred by photographers petapixel. To me, kodak never did black and white film really that well besides p3200 tmax.

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