Marzocchi 66 rcv 2007 manual

Sports valve and replacement damper rods for marzocchi. Find best value and selection for your 2008 marzocchi z1 sport fork 150mm travel bomber z1 manual, marzocchi bomber z1 sport. Any views on my suggestion of using a bolt in place of the valve stem and removing the par. Marzocchi 66 38mm 200820 cartridge and adaptor kit.

Using oil levels is the most accurate way of measuring the volume of oil inside a fork. After disassembling the forks, always use new, original marzocchi seals when reassembling. Marzocchi 888 rcv, 203, 20 the model used in the guide is a 2011 marzocchi roco wc coil, and these are the same as the 20062010 roco wcs, only difference being. All oil volume measurements are taken from the official manufacturers. I put some air in it but they still dont work, the oil is new. For an entrylevel freeride fork, the marzocchi vf is hard to beat. A list of service centers can be found on the last page of this manual or on the internet page. When the eta is not engaged, the fork performs like a 66 should, oh so plushhhhhhh perfect marriage with the eta and a freeride fork. Weve brought the world the first freeride fork, a true all mountain fork, and even a 4x fork. Marzocchi 66 2008 service manual on the 66 rc3 service marzocchi 66 rc3 ti oil change service hd youtube.

Marzocchi mtb suspension is world leader in mountain bike front forks, rear shocks, seatposts design and development. Marzocchi oil level chart 2007 model rh oil type lh oil type 4x lopes 200 sae 7,5 5500 50 sae 7,5 5500. I m getting a new bike soon with this fork, marzocchi 66sl ata rc2. Unfortunately there are no stickers or decals that would indicated whether or not these are marzocchi s and what model 888 they are assuming that they are, infact, marzocchi s. The marzocchi manual that came with the fork is not helpful at all pertaining to 2007 marzocchi 66 rc2x. This is arguably the best amfr fork that marzocchi every built. Available in usd43, usd45, usd50 with a wide range of optional addons. The easiest way to measure sag is to put a zip tie around the stanchion and then measure how much the fork compresses when the rider is in the normal riding position. Its very heavy, but the 888 chassis has been around long enough.

Mar 17, 2009 after riding saturday and sunday this weekend, i think i definitely need a softer spring for my 08 66 rc3. Marzocchi oil level chart 2007 model rh oil type lh oil type 4x lopes 200 sae 7,5 5500 50 sae 7,5 5500 4x world cup 200 sae 7,5 5500 50 sae 7,5 5500. You wont find a service manual for a marzocchi fork that made after 2006. I dont have any air pressure in it, but its just not plush enough on smaller bumpsbraking bumps and almost never uses the last 11. Available for all models of 38mm marzocchi 66 2008 and newer. Marzocchi s most basic 888 is the cheapest double clamp 200mm travel fork available and its enough fork for most nonracers. Marzocchi 66 for sale in uk 29 secondhand marzocchi 66. The components of the marzocchi suspension system are designed as a single integrated system. All marzocchi forks with 38mm stanchion tubes, including. Travel is 8 inches or 200mm includes original intergrated stem and 20mm axle. Marzocchi 66 rcv 2007 oil volume levels for fork service.

Our bombproof designs ensure youre on the trail while others are stuck at home waiting for their parts to get serviced. Get the full package and choose a marzocchi shock absorber. Typical marzocchi stiction until the fork is broken in. The marzocchi adjustable road fork offers rebound and compression external adjust. Big travel, 20mm bmx bike with manual booklet wheels 20inch good order. You can download the complete version of the owner manual. Service and rebuild manual marzocchi forks for ducati and others luca guala. By continuing to browse our website, you give consent for cookies to be used. Jan 12, 2011 marzocchi 888 service, inspection and oil change. Diy fork service with our mtb how to videos and oil level volumes. Complete seal kit consisting of 2 oil seals and 2 dust deals. Marzocchi roco world cup service manual and exploded views of all rocos.

The fork has the usual wear and tear marks on the lowers, but the stanctions are pristine. Marzocchi 888 rc3 service video chainreactioncycles filmed at the fourth round of the 2011 mtb world cup in montsainteanne, canada, team mechanic dave garland takes us through a full strip and rebuild of. The rc2 and vf2 damping systems have been redesigned, with rc2 found on the 888, 66, z1 and z1 at first glance there doesnt look to be all that much new from marzocchi for 2006 all the fork names look familiar and most of them have the same amount of travel that youll be used to. Marzocchi suspension forks are among the most durable and technologically. Hi guys i got marzocchi 2005 66 rc and the compresion and the rebound sudenly stop working.

Usd50, usd45, usd43 in standard version, compression and rebound adjust and the new semiactive technology. Marzocchi 888 38 mm installation and setup manual 12. Extreme durability, simplicity, value, buttery damping quality cons. Check the table below to determine which enduro seal kit is designed for your fork. Use our oil volume levels to service your fork yourself. Marzocchi was founded in 1949 and it is presently involved in the design and manufacturing of motor bike and mountain bike suspensions. Search close esc view more bomber z1 coil for the love of butter. Marzocchi 66 for sale marzocchi fork 91201008 unisex adult, black. Nov 05, 2007 marzocchi suspension 2008 catalogue 1. Get your forks serviced at chain reaction cycles click here for forks workshop. In great shape some scratches on lowers stanchions in excellent condition. On september 1st marzocchi suspension become part of the tenneco inc. Marzocchi recommends 1020% of xc travel and 2030% of dh travel in sag to provide the best overall ride.

Buy marzocchi forks from chain reaction cycles, the worlds largest online bike store. Once apart, you should be able to tell if anything is wrong. Marzocchi 66 888 38 mm installation and setup manual rev a36. After riding saturday and sunday this weekend, i think i definitely need a softer spring for my 08 66 rc3. Its a bit of an upgrade, from 35 to 38mm stanchions. This manual does not explain how to assembledisassemble the fork from the bicycle, the wheel, the steering set or any other component directly or indirectly associated with the fork that are not actually a part of the fork. They are real plush and they ride like a dream, they deliever a perfect proformance everytime. Problem with marzocchi 2005 66 rc ridemonkey forums. The only external adjustment that can be made on this fork is the addition of an air preload. Rare 2007 marzocchi 888 rc2xva dual crown downhill fork. With deep roots in the foundation of performance mtb suspension, marzocchi shocks and forks keep you riding longer with minimal maintenance.

If you hear, see, or feel something unusual, stop riding immediately and contact a marzocchi authorized service center for proper servicing. Original marzocchi bomber large owners manual 2006 z1 66 rc2x. To order tools, revalving kits, and replacement adaptors click here. I picked up a marz 66 rcv to replace the 55tst2 that ive had nothing. Custom valved and setup to rider weight, ability and riding style. I dont have any air pressure in it, but its just not plush enough on smaller bumpsbraking bumps. At least ive provided a useful link where the asker can view photos and read. Im trying to find service manuals for the 2007 all mtn. Via grazia, 2 0069 lavino di zola predosa bologna italy. It is a steady progression that requires hard work and attention to detail. Oil levels are always measured with the stanchion and dampers fully compressed and with coil springs and spacers removed where applicable and is the air gap between the top of the stanchion to the surface of the oil. Available for all models of 38mm marzocchi 888, also the new cr.

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