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He must still overcome antiquated subways in the capitol complex, inaccessible bathrooms and the. Joseph maxwell cleland born august 24, 1942 is an american politician from the state of georgia. Sponsored legislation by max cleland, the senator from georgia in congress from 2001 through 2003. He spent years recovering at walter reed army medical center and the va medical center in washington, then returned to his home state of georgia and won election to the state senate in 1970. This updated edition of vietnam veteran max cleland s inspirational memoir of recovery includes new material about his recent discovery of the man who saved his life in vietnam more than thirty years ago. Max clelands remarks to the democratic national convention. He is a man whos held high political office but who has never lost the common touch.

Max cleland details political war wounds in memoir. Failure to thrive will kill you article the united. Max cleland suffered severe wounds in vietnam in 1968, losing both legs and one arm. Just as the 2000 florida voting fiasco symbolizes for democrats the electionstealing illegitimacy of bush. Brightly raise kids who love to read taste an online magazine for todays home cook.

The former senator recalls how a traumatic accident in wartime led to a political. Interview max cleland, author of heart of a patriot, on. The now retired georgia politician, held the offices of senator, secretary of state, secretary of battle monuments and served as the administrator. For max cleland, politics was a refuge from war the former senator recalls how a traumatic accident in wartime led to a political career that spanned four decades. Book max cleland for public speaking harry walker agency. The material relates to max clelands tenure as a georgia state senator, administrator of the veterans. Max cleland has one of the most storied political careers in modern times. Max cleland, mapping the heart of a patriot max cleland served in vietnam where he lost both legs and his right arm before being elected to the u. Born on august 24, 1942, in atlanta, georgia, joseph maxwell cleland earned his b.

Cleland was a captain in the us army during the vietnam war when he was severely injured by a grenade that later caused the amputation of his two legs above the knee and his right forearm. This is a new, updated edition of a memoir he wrote in 1980, describing his experiences in combat during the vietnam. Posttraumatic stress syndrome i went down into almost a death spiral, says ex sen. Severely wounded in battle in vietnam, he recovered to become head of the veterans administration and later won election to the u. Cleland, a vietnam veteran and triple amputee, is being. Max cleland represented georgia in the us senate from 19972003. Joseph maxwell cleland is an american politician from georgia. Max cleland reads arthur schlesingers biography of john f. Discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that delivers. Pictures of the war from the other side page, tim, cleland, senator max on. By the time he had reached middle age, max cleland thought he had nothing to. Senator max cleland, who lost his senate seat in an ugly and controversial reelection.

The book is subtitled how i found the courage to survive vietnam. Cleland, a democrat, is a disabled us army veteran of the vietnam war, a recipient of the silver star and the bronze. He is the former democratic senator from georgia, max cleland. Tuesdays election wasnt max cleland s only obstacle to serving in the senate. Affairs agency, and his participation in the senate. Max cleland should stop allowing democrats to portray him as a war hero who lost his limbs taking enemy fire on the battlefields of vietnam, she. With me today is one of the members of the 911 commission, former georgia senator, max cleland. Cleland, a democrat, is a disabled us army veteran of the vietnam war, a recipient of the silver star and the bronze star for valorous actions in combat, and a former united states senator. A former united states senator and youngestever administrator of the u.

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